Brits don’t feel they’ve reached adulthood until they’ve made these 10 home purchases How many do you already have?

Published : 30th April 2019


Traditionally reaching adulthood involves hitting several key milestones, and that can be anything from passing your driver’s licence right through to buying your first home.
And now new research has revealed that when it comes to the latter, our starter pads don’t feel like ‘grown-up’ properties until we have made 10 important home purchases.

The survey of 1,124 UK adults carried out by household appliances e-tailer Appliances Direct first revealed that the majority of those questioned only feel like an adult at aged 31, a full 13 years past the technical age of adulthood at 18.

It also asked respondents which purchase they feel defined them as an adult, and the range of purchases varied widely in both in terms of price difference and whether they could actually be considered as ‘essential’ home buys.

The top ten were as follows:

1. A house (73 per cent)

2. A car (41 per cent)

3. Washing machine (36 per cent)

4. Dishwasher (34 per cent)

5. Coffee machine (32 per cent)

6. Lawnmower (31 per cent)

7. Iron (28 per cent)

8. Vacuum cleaner (22 per cent)

9. TV Licence (18 per cent)

10. Oven (15 per cent)