Do 'well-appointed' properties really have more features?

Published : 14th September 2016


The phrase 'well-appointed' is commonplace in many property descriptions, but do 'well-appointed' homes really have more features than those that are not?

Well, according to analysis of over 250,000 property listings, the average home described by agents as 'well-appointed' has 33% more features than one that is not., the property search engine which carried out the research, found that at every price point, properties described as well-appointed had more features.

Some of the most common features in 'well-appointed' properties were underfloor heating, Smeg fridges and electric gates.

Earlier this year, home-properties, which uses text-mining algorithms to extract features and styles from property descriptions, analysed estate agents' most common spelling and grammar mistakes published in property details.

The most common mistake was the misspelling of the word 'separate' - which appeared as 'seperate' over 2,000 times across 250,000 listings.

The was followed by misspellings of the words 'accommodation', 'formerly' and 'principal'.