Don't be without your wi-fi on moving day, follow these top tech tips for house movers

Published : 2nd February 2017


If you've got a teenager you'll know that the first question they ask at any venue is 'what's the wi-fi password?'. And they are not alone. Increasingly dependent on our mobile devices, one of the key concerns for moving day and beyond is sorting out our connectivity.

So, we asked Clive Parry, group commercial director at Redrow to share his tips for home buyers before they move.

Moving house can be a very stressful thing, and in our modern society a lot of priorities are driven by our love of, and dependence on technology. So does this mean the days of rooting around boxes for the kettle are being replaced by the broadband router? These are my tips to make tech set-up in your new home easier from day one.

Think carefully about your Wi-Fi options
We know that internet connectivity and communications systems are high on homeowners' agendas and they want the best services and speeds possible from the day they move into their home, particularly for those who work from home. If you are moving into a new build, check with the developer to see if they have a partnership with a provider that can take away some of the stress of set-up.

Redrow has recently announced a partnership with Virgin Media to ensure that our customers are able to move in with services including a broadband connection and a Virgin TV box already installed. It's much more convenient than having to arrange installation after the completion day, which could involve a wait of several weeks or even months.

If you aren't moving into a new build, check in with the current owners about what service they have in place (and its speed) and do some research into possible options to suit you. As mentioned, some service providers have big waiting times for installation, so if you can plan this out in advance you may be able to ensure you're not without Wi-Fi for long.

Do ask about upgrading
If you are moving into a new build, do ask about the option to upgrade, and purchase optional tech extras. It is far easier to do this now, than try to get these added in at a later date.

If you aren't moving into a new build, check with the current owners what is already set up and do plenty of research into suitable options for the property, so you can be prepared come move in day. If the house is going to be a little chaotic for a day or two, you may as well get all jobs done at once!

Having these things already in place is sure to take off some of the pressure.

Be prepared to boost
Currently, not every UK home has super high-speed broadband. Providers are working hard to extend fibreoptic cable reach, but it's not perfect just yet.

Whether it's slow speeds that are causing you grief, or the dreaded 'dead' zone where you just can't get signal; Wi-Fi boosters could be the answer to your internet prayers. Best of all they are easy to install without having to drag up the floorboards.

The best place to keep the extender is halfway between your router and the 'dead' zone. Your signal strength and bandwidth will be immediately boosted and directed to the Wi-Fi trouble spot.