Landlords Rent Guarantee Insurance

Published : 16th June 2011

Thomas James pride themselves on providing service and information to our clients, above and beyond that offered by other agents. We trust that this has been your experience so far. With that in mind, Thomas James pay careful attention to the changing lettings market and to the economy. Our observations have led us to suggest strongly to all of our Landlords that they invest in a comprehensive Rent Guarantee Insurance at the commencement of new tenancies. Having researched the options on your behalf, Thomas James are now able to recommend a policy at a highly competitive price through of £195.00 +VAT, renewable on an annual basis and with no excess payable.

The response from our Landlords to this HomeLet insurance has been highly favourable, perhaps on the basis that keys features of the policy include:-

·     Legal expenses paid     

·     Transferable between tenancies

·     Up to 6 months full rental payments can be received

·     Eviction guaranteed

·     Peace of mind

·     Not subject to any excess

For information on this and other HomeLet policies, contact Andy Woodley on 0115 950 0522 or 07816 998600, alternatively e-mail