Metropix reveals the power of floor plans in 2014 survey

Published : 10th September 2014


Metropix, a supplier of floor plan based products to the residential property market, has today announced the findings of an annual survey that polled over 200 estate agency professionals regarding the value of floor plans when marketing properties for sale and rent.

The findings demonstrate the importance floor plans today play when marketing properties, with 84.8% confirming that offering floor plans helped their agency to secure new instructions, while a further 89% confirmed that including floor plans on portals encouraged buyers to view their agency’s properties.  

When asked what their number one reason was for including floor plans, almost half (48%) said they believed they give a better representation of the property, while 44% were responding to consumer demand, suggesting that it is what buyers or prospective tenants want or ask for. A significant 94% confirmed it would have a negative impact on their business if they were to stop using floor plans.

Commenting on the findings, Brian Farrell, managing director of Metropix, said: “The survey was a way of not only gauging current perspectives regarding the value and usage of floor plans, but the feedback also helps us shape our future product development plans. We received some interesting insights, including confirmation that today 63.4% of our customers are choosing to use customised 2D floor plans, which includes their corporate colours or logo as a point of difference. We also identified that 44% of agents are now using floor plans on both their sales and lettings listings.”

When it comes to the type of floor plans that agents are using, 56.9% continue to use black and white 2D floor plans, while 21% prefer to use 3D plans on their property. 63.4% are opting to incorporate customised colours or logos to their 2D plans, which are available free of charge to Metropix subscribers, and help drive awareness of their agency through clearly displaying the agency’s branding on marketing materials, including floor plans.

Finally, when asked to rank in order of importance which details must be published on a property listing when marketing a property for sale, internal and external photos came out on top, closely followed by the inclusion of a floor plan and then the written property description, illustrating the importance of visual marketing tools, when marketing a property via online portals.