Monthly growth hits double figures as UK sales recover in August

Published : 25th September 2018


Double digit monthly growth in transactions in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland helped push up market activity during August, new HMRC data shows.

The taxman’s latest UK Property Transactions report showed residential sales increased 12.9% between July and August to 117,240 on a non-adjusted basis.

Sales had previously fallen across all regions on a monthly basis during July.

The biggest growth was in Scotland, where sales were up 25.3% to 9,950 between July and August, while Northern Ireland was up 17.3% to 2,700 over the same period.

England saw 12% growth in transactions to 99,390 on a monthly basis, while Wales was up 7.4% to 5,200 between July and August.

Annually, UK sales were up 3.9%, led by 9.75% growth in Northern Ireland, 4% in Scotland, 3.9% in England and 0.77% in Wales.

The seasonally adjusted estimate put monthly growth at 1.3% and the annual figure down 2.6% to 99,120.