Nottingham Sales Team Projections

Published : 4th January 2012


Nottingham Sales Office Manager Annabel Young offers her views on events over the past year and hopes for the year to come. “Thomas James Nottingham Sales Team has been excited to see the return of experienced investors to the City. Taking advantage of realistically priced property in popular and “lettable” areas, these buyers are well versed in exactly what they want to buy and what will best suit their purpose. Motivated and knowledgeable, their business is bound to boost the local market.

City Centre Apartments in Nottingham are also making their comeback and despite the high demand for these properties, they have generally retained competitive asking price figures. In the past some of theses properties had been priced out of the market, with owners hoping to achieve close to the original purchase prices of circa 2000. However, Thomas James are now successfully selling units in some of the most sought after buildings in the Lace Market and across the City Centre. High levels of interest are showing no signs of waning as City Centre living has become affordable.”