Student Property Department Update

Published : 3rd January 2012


Marcus Russell is already letting property to the Students who will take up residence in Nottingham for the Academic year 2012 – 2013. As Student Property Manager, Marcus is busy with group viewings at addresses in areas such as Lenton, The Arboretum, Sneinton, Forest Fields and the City Centre. His role encompasses successfully marketing the increased number of available rooms, arranging for contracts to be signed and liaising with students, their guarantors and the Landlords. Marcus has been “pleased to have even more, high standard accommodation to offer. Landlords have taken note of Thomas James recommendations, investing in property situated in well thought of areas, furnishing well and ensuring that the correct certificates are in place. With a wide range of property, I am able to accommodate large and small groups of students who approach us; it is a great position to be in.”

With such a high demand for Student Property and a massive increase in activity, Marcus is also joined now by new member of the team, Mica Williams-Green.