House hunters remaining focused on larger properties in 2021

House hunters remaining focused on larger properties in 2021

A recent poll of UK house hunters has found moving closer to family and needing additional space are two of the top reasons why people want to move home in 2021.

The survey of 650 home buyers, conducted by national homebuilder, Miller Homes, asked a number of questions about the reasons behind their desire to move home. More than a third of respondents claimed that moving for extra space is their number one reason - while less than 3% are planning to move to relocate for work.

Most house hunters also indicated that they are hoping their next home will be their ‘forever home’, with more than 80% of those who responded to the survey mentioning this as an important factor in their search.

Many who responded cited that moving closer to family was an important part of their decision making when it comes to finding a new home.


Anne Marie Britton, National Sales & Marketing Director at Miller Homes, comments: “After what has been an extremely difficult period for all of us and the experience of several lockdowns, the importance of family and friends has never felt so central to everything we do and every decision we make.

“It’s no surprise that when seeing family and friends regularly was no longer something we could take for granted, being closer to family is a big consideration in many people’s search for their new home.

“Extra space is the trend that isn’t going away as more people are remote or flexibly working, therefore that demand for space for a study or a bigger garden still remains high."