Which road names top the house price table this Valentine’s Day?

Which road names top the house price table this Valentine’s Day?

Homes on roads with Love in the name remain the most sought after this Valentine’s Day with an average sold price of £372,500, while those with Heart in the name have seen the largest annual increase in sold prices over the last year at 18.4%.

Benham and Reeves analysed sold price records from the Land Registry, looking at how much a Valentine themed road name will set you back in the current market, as well as how the price of property on these roads has changed since last Valentine’s Day.

When it comes to outright property values, roads with Love in the name appropriately top the table with an average sold price of £372,500. Sweet comes in second, with homes on sweet related roads commanding an average of £355,00, while Heart (£340,500) completes the top three most expensive Valentine’s Day road names where current sold prices are concerned.

Also making the list are Arrow (£285,000), Flower (£284,995), Valentine (£280,500), Rose (£255,000) and Kiss (£240,000).

However, while Love wins where current property values are concerned, a 6.7% annual rate of growth places Love mid-table when comparing current values to sold prices last Valentine’s Day.

Road names with Heart have seen the best house price performance on an annual basis, up 18.4% in the last year.

Those living on Sweet related road names have enjoyed a 14.1% increase, with Kiss also proving popular with a 11.6% jump in house prices, while Arrow is up 6.3%.

Roads with Flower in the name have brought heartbreak to homeowners over the last year, with the average sold price tumbling by 14.3%.

Valentine related road names have declined by a notable 13.7%, with Rose also seeing a 3.8% dip.

Director of Benham and Reeves, Marc von Grundherr, commented: “Love may be in the air but that could be wholly dependent on just which Valentine’s Day related road you live on.

"While those named after Love itself command the strongest price, homeowners on Heart related roads have enjoyed the largest boost to the value of their home.

"But it’s bad news for some, as roads with Flower and Valentine in the name have seen some heartbreaking dips in values.”

Source:- https://www.propertyreporter.co.uk/which-road-names-top-the-house-price-table-this-valentines-day.html