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Bumper end of year likely despite summer sales dip - Homesearch

8 September 2021

Bumper End Of Year Likely Despite Summer Sales Dip - Homesearch

Newly instructed properties across the country dropped by 10 per cent in August compared to July’s numbers, according to Homesearch. The company, which focuses its services on helping...

Seven tips for keeping your home secure when you go on holiday

25 August 2021

Seven Tips For Keeping Your Home Secure When You Go On Holiday

After spending a long time cooped up in our homes, many Britons are looking forward to getting away this summer (whether that be for a domestic break or abroad). Many of us haven’t been...

Over 100,000 sellers renting before finding home to buy

16 August 2021

Over 100,000 Sellers Renting Before Finding Home To Buy

Connells-owned Hamptons says it’s calculated that no fewer the 117,500 sellers this year have chosen to rent before buying their next home.  The agency says that to speed up...

Maggie's Charity At Ramsdale Park Golf Club

13 August 2021

Maggie's Charity At Ramsdale Park Golf Club

Thomas James were delighted to support Maggie's Charity at Ramsdale Park Golf Club Captain's Charity Event recently! Proud to be a part of the local community.

Revealed - the type of buyer who moved during stamp duty holiday

12 August 2021

Revealed - The Type Of Buyer Who Moved During Stamp Duty Holiday

A report claims the flurry of transactions over recent months has been down mostly to families moving into larger homes and investor activity. Reallymoving says the annual change in the average...

How to style your home to sell

5 August 2021

How To Style Your Home To Sell

When styling your home to sell, the first job is to know who you’re planning on selling it to. Will it be a young stylish couple, a family, or a first-time buyer? It might not be immediately...

House-Flat price gap widening as demand for larger properties soars

27 July 2021

House-Flat Price Gap Widening As Demand For Larger Properties Soars

Demand for all types of houses, from terraced to detached, has more than doubled in the current housing market - creating a disparity in average price growth when compared to flats. A new...

Housing market still red hot despite stamp duty holiday taper

20 July 2021

Housing Market Still Red Hot Despite Stamp Duty Holiday Taper

The housing market across the country shows little or no sign of cooling despite the end of the main stamp duty holiday period. The latest house price index from property website Home shows...

Mortgage bonanza as choice grows and rates tumble

14 July 2021

Mortgage Bonanza As Choice Grows And Rates Tumble

The signs are that even with the stamp duty holiday tapering to a close at the end of the summer, the market looks set to remain strong thanks to helpful trends in the mortgage sector....

 Romance or finance? - Prospective FTBs prioritising a ‘financially stable’ partner over love

5 July 2021

Romance Or Finance? - Prospective Ftbs Prioritising A ‘Financially Stable’ Partner Over Love

With the average age of a first-time buyer being 34 years old and house prices climbing 13.4% in the past year, financial stability is replacing the classic traits of attraction among the UKs...

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