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Are you in your home for love or money?

10 February 2021

Are You In Your Home For Love Or Money?

0.13 seconds. This is, on average, how fast love at first sight takes to work its magic, they say. And it's no different to falling in love with your home. When you know, you know. Awwwwwww....

Undeterred new buyers swarm the market to make the busiest January on record

5 February 2021

Undeterred New Buyers Swarm The Market To Make The Busiest January On Record

The number of house-hunters accessing Rightmove has hit a new high for January according to the portal, with visits to the site up by 39% on this time last year and time spent on the site up by...

Property industry set to lead economy out of the Covid slump

27 January 2021

Property Industry Set To Lead Economy Out Of The Covid Slump

The property sector is set to lead the UK out of its Covid slump according to Ernst & Young’s latest forecast.   Employment in the real estate sector is forecast to grow by 1.39...

Market frenzy to last until spring at least says Rightmove

22 January 2021

Market Frenzy To Last Until Spring At Least Says Rightmove

If you fear the market will slow after Christmas, think again - Rightmove is expecting several months of frenzied transactions to come. The portal is forecasting a robust four per cent average...

Big majority of first time buyer mortgages now over 25 years

22 January 2021

Big Majority Of First Time Buyer Mortgages Now Over 25 Years

Some 70 per cent of first time buyers in 2020 took out mortgages in excess of 25 years, says the Nationwide. A decade ago, the proportion of first timers doing this was just 45 per cent....

Parliament to debate stamp duty holiday extension

19 January 2021

Parliament To Debate Stamp Duty Holiday Extension

The House of Commons has confirmed there will be a debate about stamp duty after a petition on the UK government’s website for the current stamp duty holiday until September 2021...

Which room is the best value for money in your home?

30 December 2020

Which Room Is The Best Value For Money In Your Home?

Due to lockdown, this year, we have spent more time in our homes than ever before. But how much on average are we spending in certain rooms and which are the best value for money? New research...

Why it could pay off to get your transaction in this side of the festive season

10 December 2020

Why It Could Pay Off To Get Your Transaction In This Side Of The Festive Season

As we face a rather unusual, super-condensed Christmas this year, many home sellers may be tempted to forget about their property market endeavours until the dust has settled and 2021 has been...

Why you shouldn’t let the pandemic stop you moving home

2 December 2020

Why You Shouldn’T Let The Pandemic Stop You Moving Home

The rules are constantly changing, so it's easy to imagine that for homeowners on the move, these are tense times. However, following the government’s latest tiered restrictions update,...

Boom still not over as mortgage approvals hit 13-year high

1 December 2020

Boom Still Not Over As Mortgage Approvals Hit 13-Year High

The housing market may be slowing as we enter December but the latest snapshot suggests there’s still momentum with mortgage approvals at a 13 year high. According to the Bank of...

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