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10 December 2021

The Thomas James Team Attends National Estate Agency Conference In Birmingham

THE THOMAS JAMES TEAM ATTENDS NATIONAL ESTATE AGENCY CONFERENCE IN BIRMINGHAM We’ve just returned from yet another exciting and informative Relocation Agent Network National...


2 December 2021

Thomas James Estate Agents Shortlisted For ‘Best In Region’ Award

Thomas James is thrilled to announce that they have been shortlisted for the 2021 Best Agent East Midlands Region Award by Relocation Agent Network, a national network of selected estate agents....

Ruddington Village Christmas Market 2021

1 December 2021

Ruddington Village Christmas Market 2021

Thomas James Estate Agents are delighted to be sponsoring the stage on The Green, at the Ruddington Village Christmas Market 2021! The fabulous event takes place on Saturday 4th December from...

Amazing - One in every 16 homes has been sold this year

29 November 2021

Amazing - One In Every 16 Homes Has Been Sold This Year

By the end of 2021, one in 16 homes will have changed hands, making it the busiest property market since 2007 according to a Zoopla analysis. The soaring demand has also created rocketing house...

What housing trends will emerge due to greener thinking?

10 November 2021

What Housing Trends Will Emerge Due To Greener Thinking?

From Greta to Glasgow, all eyes are on environmental issues. Currently underway, COP26 is expected to produce a string of commitments relating to reducing emissions, with 200 countries laying out...

Best new build buy to let investment - a house or a flat?

1 November 2021

Best New Build Buy To Let Investment - A House Or A Flat?

New figures from the National Home Building Council suggests the popularity of detached properties has soared during the pandemic - prompting the question as to whether more landlords should...

How to maximise the chances of selling your home this winter

21 October 2021

How To Maximise The Chances Of Selling Your Home This Winter

For the vast majority of us, the winter period is a steady, cosy wind-down towards Christmas Day and the start of a new year. Yet despite the weather becoming increasingly colder, the property...

Five reasons you should sell your home before you buy

15 October 2021

Five Reasons You Should Sell Your Home Before You Buy

The property market continues to be more competitive than ever right now. The shortage of homes available means there are multiple buyers looking to snap up the same property. So how can you...

What makes people move and what are their priorities? - Survey

13 October 2021

What Makes People Move And What Are Their Priorities? - Survey

Living close to family and friends is a top priority for nearly four in 10 people according to a survey of some 2,000 adults - described as the first of its kind since the pandemic. ...

This is how much house prices have risen EVERY DAY since Covid began

28 September 2021

This Is How Much House Prices Have Risen Every Day Since Covid Began

Zoopla has calculated how much the average house price has risen every single day since the start of the pandemic in March 2020. It’s £34. The portal, in its latest market...

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